STING ECU Remapping for September 2015

Main Image: A couple of 3.2L Rangers, a BT50 and an RC Colorado, all with 3″ exhaust systems and the Stage 2 Sting ECU Remap! STING ECU REMAPPING IN PERTH – SEPTEMBER 2015 Here are just some of the vehicles we’ve tuned over the last month, with fantastic results. We’re having reports that through our ECU […]


2016 Manta Calendar Competition Winners

2016 Manta Calendar Competition Winners Congratulations to everyone who entered the competition held on Facebook to select the best photos for our 2016 MANTA Calendar! There were a lot of great entries, and we had a hard time picking the best ones out! We finished up with 12 lucky winners, who all received a prize […]


PX Ranger & Mazda BT50 STING ECU Remap Results

We’re achieving some incredible gains with the STING ECU Remap and Manta 3″ exhaust on the Ford Ranger & Mazda BT50 with the 3.2L 5 cylinder turbo diesel. Fitting a 3″ exhaust and carrying out the remap really wakes the 3.2L engine up, giving increased power and responsiveness right throughout the rev range. We’re also […]


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