WRX Exhaust


The WRX, a high-performance version of Subaru’s Impreza, was introduced in the 1990’s, and has since gathered a huge following. Its hallmarks are a big power-to-weight ratio, good handling, and the ability to easily modify it to get more power.

Often one of the first performance modifications for the WRX is the fitment of a Manta performance exhaust. This allows the deep note of the four cylinder turbocharged Boxer engine to be heard, emitting a fantastic sound when under load. It also frees up the engine, allowing for maximum performance, especially when the WRX exhaust is combined with other performance modifications.

The Manta Pro exhausts replace the entire WRX exhaust system, right from the turbo face. We have a number of options to ensure you get the perfect sound, including a cannon in the rear for the maximum deepest sound.

Our WRX exhausts are all mandrel bent, for maximum flow. We use high-flow catalytic converters to ensure the WRX exhaust remains road legal. We have two choices of materials – stainless steel and aluminised steel. Both sound very similar, however our stainless steel has a 10-year warranty, whilst our aluminised steel is guaranteed for two years.

If you haven’t yet upgraded your WRX exhaust, now is the time to contact us, or arrange a fitting time at any of our dealer locations Australia wide.