Toyota Hilux Exhaust

Hilux NA (3)

The Toyota Hilux has a reputation in Australia as an unbreakable workhorse. It’s been used for anything from a tradies’ hack, to a mine site vehicle, or as a recreational 4×4. But through it all, it can be argued the Hilux has always been a little, well, underpowered. But not anymore!

We sat down and had a look at the Hilux, to see if there was any way we could make this Ute go any better, without compromising the fantastic reliability that the Hilux – and Toyota in general – is known for. Instantly, the Hilux exhaust stood out as having room for improvement. Using small pipe sizes (often less than 2”), restrictive catalytic converters, and a huge muffler with a number of baffles in it is not conducive to getting the best performance from a vehicle.

So we set out to make something much better. After experimenting with various pipe sizes, and running our test vehicle over the dyno, we decided a 3” single exhaust system, with a high-flow catalytic converter, and straight-through muffler was going to give the best results. The beauty of this system is the Toyota Hilux exhaust note is largely unchanged from the standard system, you can just hear a bit more turbo whistle. That said, if you are chasing noise, we have medium and loud options.

The Manta Pro-enhanced Hilux exhaust frees the vehicle up, making the turbo spool a lot earlier, and giving around 5 – 10kw increase in peak power. With that much bigger exhaust, we also realised there is potential to crank a bit more power out of the motor, while still staying well within the factory parameters.

This was achieved by fitting the Sting Power Module, which is a plugin piggy-back ECU, controlling each fuel injector. The effects of the Sting Power Module were profound. We realised power increases of 20% easily, and were seeing up to 35% increases with a heavy tune (not recommended for everyday use). The beauty of the Sting Power Module is that it’s completely adjustable, so you can crank the tune up for the extra power for a day or weekend off road, and then back the power off to a milder setting for everyday use or highway cruising.

The Hilux, after it’s been Manta Pro enhanced, truly becomes a vehicle that befits its status of an unbreakable workhouse. It’ll now have mountains of torque to tow whatever you set your mind to, or tackle the toughest challenges off-road.

Our Hilux exhaust and Sting Power Module is straightforward to install – talk to us today or your local Manta Pro dealer about getting it done today!