Landcruiser Exhaust

No matter what series of Toyota Landcruiser you have, we have an exhaust to suit!

The Toyota Landcruiser was introduced to Australia in 1958, to work on the Snowy River hydro scheme, and has since cemented its status as a legend of reliability.

Manta Pro has a range of performance-enhancing exhaust systems for all Landcruisers from the early 1980’s onwards. These include extractors for the naturally aspirated diesel and petrol models, and turbo-back exhausts for the turbo diesel models.

70, 80 and 100 Series 6 Cylinder Petrol

The legendary 3F and 1FZ-FE petrol motors in the 70, 80, and 100 series benefit tremendously from a set of high-flow extractors, and a 2.5” mandrel bent Manta Pro Landcruiser exhaust system. Our system comes complete with high-flow mufflers to control noise and drone, you can expect up to a 10% increase in power and torque, lower engine temperatures, and around 1 – 2L per 100km reduction in fuel consumption.

70, 80 and 100 Series 6 Cylinder Diesel

Likewise, the 2H, and 1HZ 4.2L naturally aspirated diesel motors in the Landcruiser’s also get good gains from a well-made set of performance extractors. They are made with exactly the right pipe sizes and lengths to create a scavenging effect which draws the exhaust gasses out of the cylinder, allowing it to be filled full of fresh air for a more complete combustion, giving more power, less smoke, and better fuel economy.

100 Series V8 Petrol

From 1998, the 100 Series Landcruiser introduced the petrol 4.7L V8, which produced good power, but was renowned for poor fuel economy. This resulted in many people converting them to LPG, and suffering power loss as a result. The good news is, a set of extractors, high flow catalytic converters, and a 3” Manta Pro exhaust system can give the V8 100 Series a new lease of life! The difference in power is tangible, the improved fuel economy is a bonus, and Manta-enhanced Landcruiser exhaust note is really something – a deep sounding growl when under load, without any onerous drone in the cabin.

V8 Landcruiser Exhaust

VDJ79 V8 Landcruiser Stainless (1)

Introduced in 2007, the turbo diesel V8 4.5L 1VD-powered 70 and 200 series Landcruisers have gone on to make their mark as a reliable and powerful 4×4, whether they are being used off-road, for touring, or as a workhorse.

While the 200 Series with its twin turbo setup is the pick, producing 650nm and close to 200kw, the single-turbo 70 series is not to be sniffed at, with over 400nm and 150kw in its standard form. But these outputs aren’t a patch on their potential, which is where we come in.

Both vehicles are shackled by their incredibly restrictive exhaust system. The 70 Series in particular, is forced to expel its exhaust gasses through a single pipe, which reduces to less than 2” in diameter at some points. Therefore, there are significant gains to be had by replacing the standard exhaust system with a 3” Manta Performance turbo back mandrel bent exhaust.

With an upgraded V8 Landcruiser exhaust system, we then have the ability to unleash further power from these motors, through the use of the Sting Power Module – a piggyback, plugin ECU which regulates a number of parameters within the engine. We regularly achieve over 150nm extra torque, and 40 extra KW, whilst remaining well within the safe limits of the engine.

Landcruiser 200 Exhaust

Landcruiser VDJ200 dual 2.5 with twin tip exit
The Landcruiser 200 Series V8 Twin Turbo Diesel 4.5L Wagon, introduced in 2008, responds extremely well to the Manta Pro complete upgrade kit, which lifts the standard outputs of 195kw, and 650nm by up to 30%, without compromising the rock-solid reliability that Toyota is known for.

The complete upgrade for the Landcruiser 200 Exhaust has three parts – induction, exhaust, and electronic tuning – all of which can be done independently, but when combined give the ultimate results.


The induction section of the Manta Pro upgrade consists of the following components:

1. Pipercross High-flow air filter: a reusable like-for-like replacement for the factory paper panel filter. Offering improved filtration, and up to 30% greater flow when compared to the standard paper element. The Pipercross Filter, due to its unique 3-layer foam design, will also maintain its original flow rate as it becomes soiled, for much longer than any other paper or gauze type air filter.

2. Manta Pro “cobra style” air ram: a replacement for the standard “letterbox” style snorkel top found on the original Toyota snorkel fitted to some models. While not only improving the appearance of the vehicle, the cobra-style air ram has a ram effect at highway speeds. It helps force the incoming air down into the motor, giving the Landcruiser increased responsiveness, and allowing the engine to breathe easier.


The Manta Pro Performance Landcruiser 200 Exhaust replaces the entire factory exhaust system with a free flowing, big-bore version, giving you more power and torque, more responsiveness, and a great sounding V8 note. High-flow, high efficiency catalytic converters are incorporated to ensure compliance with road rules. We have two ranges of exhausts to suit every requirement:

1. Extreme Dual 3” system
The Extreme version of our Landcruiser 200 exhaust features twin 3” pipes off the turbos, through a set of high-flow catalytic converters, then into a high flow muffler, where it merges into a single 4” pipe to go over the diff. You then have the option of a single 4” exit out the passenger side, or for the ultimate in looks and sound, a twin 3” exit out the driver & passenger side.
This setup offers the ultimate flow, due to the twin 3” pipework, and is thus ideal if you want big power gains from the 4.5L V8. Not to mention the sound emerging from those pipes, this is simply out of this world!

2. Touring Dual 2.5” system
The Touring version of our Landcruiser 200 exhaust system is our most popular, with a number of combinations that enable you to either keep the exhaust note close to the standard levels, or perhaps get a bit of V8 burble on acceleration.
It features twin 2.5” pipes off the turbos, running through a set of high flow catalytic converters, and then into your choice of either a high-flow muffler, or just a straight pipe, where it merges into a 3” single pipe, before going over the axle, through a high-flow rear muffler which control any drone, and finally you have the choice of either a twin 3.5” chrome, or single 4” exit.

Electronic Tuning

The electronic tuning part of the Manta upgrade for the VDJ200 V8 Landcruiser by itself will have astounding results, and it really comes into its own when combined with the exhaust & induction stages detailed earlier. The electronic tuning is carried out through the fitment of the following modules:

1. Sting Power Module (with optional boost control): a piggyback ECU style unit which uses factory-style connectors for a simple “plug-and-play” installation. The Power Module intercepts the fuel and turbo boost signals coming from the ECU and changes the parameters to precisely alter the amount of fuel being injected, and the corresponding boost levels, to give more power and torque. The module never interferes with any of the various inbuilt modern safety mechanisms, so it will not cause any damage to the motor. You can expect 15 – 20% more power with the module alone, and up to 30% when combined with the Landcruiser 200 exhaust & induction packages.

2. Sting Throttle Max: a second, smaller piggy-back ECU that monitors and amplifies the electronic throttle signal, making the vehicle more responsive, and delivering an engaging driving experience. The Throttle Max also uses the factory-style plugs for simple “plug-and-play” installation. The Throttle Max cuts the lag that is apparent from the factory by up to 50%, meaning there will no longer be a delay from when you press the accelerator, to when you feel the vehicle beginning to pick up speed. The Throttle Max is completely adjustable, and also has an Eco mode for maximum fuel savings.

With all these modifications, the Landcruiser 200 Series is transformed into a vehicle, which truly befits the description of a “torque monster”. Overtaking, towing, beach driving…almost anything becomes effortless – and you have the great V8 soundtrack to go along with it!

So don’t let your Landcruiser labour under the factory exhaust system for a day longer! Contact us to get a Manta Pro Performance exhaust installed today!