Expert Tips On Manta Exhausts For Your 4WD Vehicle

Looking for expert tips on Manta exhausts for your 4WD vehicle? At Manta Performance, we have designed and produced a huge quantity of top quality exhaust systems for off-road vehicles. Over the years, we have been asked some very interesting questions about the various configurations available on our high-performing and long-lasting exhaust systems.

Will straight piping help you get the best noise out of your 4WD?

One thing we have learned at Manta Performance is that different people can define “the best noise” very differently. Some want the loudest possible sound, while others want something that says “performance” without making things too noisy inside the cabin.

The good news is that there’s a Manta Performance exhaust system to satisfy both of these types of customers! In fact, we have several different noise level options – loud, medium, and quiet.

Straight pipes on turbodiesels – it usually works

For those who want the loudest exhaust note, a straight pipe system without mufflers (our “loud option”) will provide it. If your 4WD is a turbodiesel, you can usually live with straight pipes, thanks to the quieting effect of the turbocharger. To take the edge off, though, we recommend adding a “hot dog” resonator to your system. This is the medium option. It smooths out your exhaust note, sounds great when you open up the throttle, and eliminates the “thong slap” and barking sound you get from a completely unmuffled straight pipe system.

Straight pipes on naturally aspirated (NA) engines – not a great idea

If your four-wheel drive has a naturally aspirated engine, without the muffling effect of a turbo, you may find straight pipes to be too darn loud for comfort. We strongly suggest adding a straight-through muffler (the quiet option) to these systems. You will still get the performance benefits of straight pipes, but with a nice sounding exhaust note you can live with on a long drive! If you prefer something a little louder but still acceptable, you can use the “hot dog” resonator (the medium option) instead of a muffler. This works well on the NA V8 Cruisers and the 4.2L Patrols, as well as certain other vehicles.

An important thing to remember when configuring your Manta Performance exhaust system is this:

The best sound and the loudest note aren’t always the same thing!

Is a short side dump legal?

It is, if done in conformance with local regulations. Here in Australia, the law requires that your exhaust exit the vehicle at least 40mm past the back of the cab. Our Manta Performance side dump exhaust systems (not available for all models) are designed to dump at the differential, which puts it at least 300mm to 400mm past a typical dual cab.

Some reasons to get a side/short dump are:

  • – Your system is more protected and less likely to get bashed on rocks off-road than a full-length system that extends past the rear axle.
  • – It costs a bit less, since you are buying a shorter system.

Keep in mind that the shorter your exhaust is, the louder it will sound. A side dump will be noticeably louder than a full-length system, all things being equal.

Manta Performance has the perfect exhaust system for your 4WD

Choose from our many exhaust system configurations and options, always developed right on the vehicle and backed by the Manta Performance 100% fitment guarantee. Thanks to our network of more than 500 resellers in Australia, we stock or can manufacture to order whatever you need. For the rest of the world, Manta ships its exhaust systems to over 50 countries worldwide.