Ford Falcon XE, XF 6 Cylinder Sedan


Complete Manta exhaust system, available in mandrel bent 2.5″ tubing as a “cat-back” system, replacing the last two sections of the standard exhaust.

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Product Description

The Manta exhaust for the XE and XF 6 cylinder sedan is an ideal replacement for the stock exhaust system (which is prone to rusting out). Featuring mandrel bends, a high-flow muffler, and corrosion resistant aluminised steel pipes, the Manta exhaust will also give you better performance. The 2.5″ pipe size is perfectly matched to the Falcon’s engine, ensuring plenty of low-down torque, while allowing much higher flow at high RPM’s. The exhaust upgrade gives the Falcon a throaty exhaust note when under load, while the high-flow muffler controls drone inside the cabin when cruising.


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