Ford Ranger Exhaust


The Ford Ranger – a derivative of the Courier – was introduced in 2006, and shares a number of components including the engine and drivetrain with the Mazda BT-50. Whether you have got a PJ or PK 3.0L turbo diesel, the PX 3.2L, or an equivalent Mazda BT50, we have the perfect solution to give you more power and torque, and better fuel economy.

It all starts with the exhaust. Replacing the standard Ford Ranger exhaust system with a 3” Manta Pro Performance Exhaust has a 3-fold effect. It increases power and torque, by derestricting the whole exhaust system, using mandrel bends, a high-flow catalytic converter, and a straight through muffler. Secondly, it makes the turbo spool much faster by allowing the Ford Ranger exhaust gas to travel at a higher velocity. Finally, it reduces the temperature of the exhaust gasses, allowing the turbo and engine to operate cooler. This also generally has the effect of improving fuel consumption by up to 2L/100km.

Additionally, there is scope to take advantage of the extra exhaust volume by adjusting a number of parameters within the Ranger’s Engine Control Unit (ECU). This process is know as ECU Remapping. By carrying this out we can safely achieve gains of up to 40% more power and torque, while remaining well within the engine’s limits. The earlier PJ and PK 3.0L models can be remapped in a couple of hours through the OBD port, while the process is a little more involved for the PX 3.2L model, typically taking around half a day.

So if you think your Ford Ranger may be lacking in the power department, or if you are a little disappointed with your fuel economy, we invite you to take a closer look at our Ford Ranger exhaust upgrade and ECU remapping service.

Talk to us, or one of our dealers to organise the installation of the Manta Pro upgrade today!