4WD Exhaust Systems

3.0L Patrol (later)For almost all 4×4 vehicles, from the late 70’s to today’s latest models, Manta Pro has developed the 4×4 Extreme range of 4WD performance exhausts for drivers chasing great sound, power, and fuel economy.

Get more power from a Manta 4×4 exhaust system

For various reasons, most standard or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) 4×4 exhaust systems are very restrictive, a literal handbrake on the performance of your 4×4. Therefore there are significant gains to be had by installing a high-flow Manta Pro 4×4 performance exhaust systems. Some vehicles gain up to 15% more power, whilst also getting 50 – 100km extra per tank of fuel. The V8 4.5L 70 Series Landcruiser is a good example of one vehicle which does benefit significantly from 3” performance 4wd exhaust systems, due to the fact that the standard exhaust pipe size on this vehicle is as small as 47mm (1 7/8”), certainly not an adequate size for a 4.5L turbo diesel.

You can be guaranteed of the maximum performance gains from every Manta Pro 4×4 performance exhaust system. We only ever mandrel bend our pipework. This method of bending maintains the diameter of the pipe throughout each bend – rather than crushing the pipe like a traditional “press” bender –  ensuring your new 4×4 performance exhaust system has the greatest possible flow rate. Heavy-duty brackets, together with precision laser cut flanges, are used in all the factory positions for maximum durability, and the ultimate ease of fitment.

The most refined 4WD Exhaust systems on the market

The Manta Pro 4×4 Extreme range is continually refined and improved, so that all 4wd exhaust systems are guaranteed to go the distance. That’s why we offer an industry-leading 10 year warranty on our stainless steel range. All of our 4×4 exhaust systems are available with a high flow diesel-specific catalytic converter where applicable, together with high flow mufflers, to ensure your 4×4 remains compliant with vehicle noise and emissions requirements.

A huge range of 4×4 exhaust systems

Our huge 4×4 performance exhaust range covers most four-wheel drive vehicles, from the 1980’s era Toyota Landcruisers and Nissan Patrols, through to current model Ford Rangers and Volkswagen Amaroks, plus many more.

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