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Unleash the true sound of your vehicle with a high flow Manta performance exhaust! More power. More torque. More responsiveness. Find the right system for your car now.
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Bring your 4x4 to life with a Manta performance exhaust. No matter what 4x4 you drive, we have a custom exhaust built for your vehicle. Browse our range of 4x4 exhausts now.
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    Looking for a performance exhaust system for the Silverado 1500 V8? We have the perfect solution! The Manta Performance Chevrolet Silverado 1500 V8 performance exhaust is made from stainless steel...Read More »


The team at Manta combines more than 90 years of experience in the performance exhaust industry, engineering and developing Australia’s leading performance exhaust systems. We manufacture and wholesale a range of exhausts that boasts a distinctive sound and perfect fitment. Our Ford Mustang exhausts systems improve both performance and appeal, adding a growl that’s fitting for the Mustang. With worldwide sales and distribution capabilities, we provide quality Australian made performance exhausts to enthusiasts all over the world.

Our performance exhaust range is the biggest in Australia, covering many makes and models of street cars – including Commodores and Falcons – as well as 4×4’s, from Toyota Landcruisers through to the Volkswagen Amarok.  Based in Perth and Melbourne, our systems are developed and produced in Australia. From here, we  make our performance exhausts available in Sydney, Brisbane and other regions in Australia.

Manta Performance provides a full range of premier performance exhausts online. Our range caters to most Australian spec 4WD and street vehicles that feature on-road, off-road and race applications. Our performance exhaust systems are available for vehicles ranging from convertibles like the Mustang to utes like the Ford Ranger and the Volkswagen Amarok.

The Manta performance exhaust range covers the legendary Holden Commodore, which is almost always the first aftermarket modification for car enthusiasts. Most Commodore exhausts feature natural aspiration and a brilliant response to the right extractors, cat-back exhausts and, if applicable, high flow catalytic converters. Our Manta range boasts a distinctive sound and high-quality workmanship.

We continually improve our performance exhaust systems based on what car models need. Browse through our collection of exhausts today.

Aluminised steel options are available if you’re looking for a cost effective option. These come with 2 year warranties. For those who want to go all out, we also make our exhausts in stainless steel which has a 10-year warranty, backing up the reliability and longevity that our products promise.

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Love your work guys. I live in QLD, and purchased an Aluminised Steel Cat-Back for my FPV R-Spec Pursuit ute. Absolutely love it. It’s loud, had perfect fitment and sounds incredible. Thankyou so much!

Jon B

FPV RSPEC Pursuit Ute


I had my Colorado tuned last Friday and it’s unreal  – better fuel economy & loads more power = very happy. I forgot to ask for some stickers and a jacket because I’m more than happy to advertise and tell people about you guys!!

Craig D

RC Colorado


By far the best exhaust I have ever bought, My VS GTS sounds insane with the duel 2 1/2 stainless system and straight tailpipes. Well worth the wait, thanks guys.

Matt W

RC Colorado