Holden Commodore Exhaust Systems

The Holden Commodore is a legend the world over and no more so than here in Australia. Introduced in 1978, the Commodore name has carried on through various models of sedans, utes and wagons. The last home-grown, Aussie built, V8 muscle car from Holden Commodore culminated in the VF series.

The Commodore has always lent itself brilliantly to aftermarket modifications, turning great performance into something even better with just a few aftermarket modifications. Often the first such modification that is performed is the upgrade of the standard Commodore exhaust system. This then paves the way for further performance upgrades.

Check out our Holden Commodore exhaust systems below.

Manta Performance offers Holden Commodore exhaust systems to cater to every type of vehicle from the renowned brand. The Manta Pro exhaust range covers many Commodores – 6 cylinders, V6’s, and V8’s, including the VL, (1986 – 1988), the upgraded VN, VP, VR, and VS, the further upgraded VT, VX, VY & VZ, and the final Australian built Commodores, the VE & VF.

A hallmark of the Commodore has always been that they are naturally aspirated (with the exception of the supercharged V6 L67 engine and LSA Gen-F HSV’s, and the VL 3.0L turbo), and as such always respond well to a set of correctly-sized extractors, high flow catalytic converters (where applicable) and cat-back exhaust system.

The Manta Pro range for the Commodore is renowned for its high-quality workmanship, ease of fitment, and most of all the sound. Sound is a very subjective thing, but we guarantee nobody will be able to resist the sound of a Manta Pro-built Commodore exhaust – deep, throbbing, & tuneful. Whether you want it loud, or as quiet as possible, whether you are just doing a cat-back exhaust, or are building a 1000hp monster, we are sure to have an exhaust configuration to suit.

Over 40 years of development – beginning in 1974 when the HJ Holden was king; before the Commodore’s inception – has ensured we know our Commodore exhaust systems inside out. Feel free to enquire about the functionality and availability of these aftermarket products from us.

We make sure every product that we offer to our distributors can boost power, increase fuel economy and maybe just as importantly, give that Commodore the growl it deserves. To make every Commodore owner happy, we feature a full range of Commodore exhaust systems for both Australian and New Zealand clients.

Our Commodore products are available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and many other cities. Contact us, or find your local dealer to get a Manta Pro exhaust fitted that will make your Commodore sound and perform like it should!