Ford Mustang Exhaust Systems

As a manufacturer of premier Ford Mustang performance exhausts in Australia, Manta promises two things. First, our aftermarket exhausts boosts horsepower and torque, resulting in faster acceleration and greater top speed. Second, our exhausts give the Mustang a deep, throaty growl that turns heads.

The Mustang is one of the most remarkable iconic cars. It features the perks of a sports car without any of the practical drawbacks. However, there is always room for improvement through aftermarket installations. In fact, the vehicle is known for being customised to suit the owner.

Check out our performance exhaust systems for the Mustang.

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Manta Performance manufactures Mustang exhausts which are distributed in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and many other cities throughout Australia and New Zealand. These aftermarket exhausts enhance the already outstanding performance of the 50-year-old Ford classic.

Our range of Ford Mustang exhausts feature perfect fitment and a distinctive sound. Our exhausts boast:

  • Increased Power and Performance: Better horsepower and torque are a given with our aftermarket exhausts. Manta’s premier products make the drive smoother for Mustang owners.
  • Improved Fuel Economy: Performance exhaust systems help balance the air levels inside the vehicle’s engine. As a result, the engine does not have to consume extra fuel for air level maintenance.
  • Enhanced Sound: Our exhausts give the Mustang that low, rumbling sound that alerts and draws attention.

The Mustang is a classic. First, it is a practical car for small families. Second, it serves as a European-style sports car. Finally, it is considered a luxurious touring car. The owner can transform the vehicle into any of the three based on their style or needs. Our aftermarket products do the job.

Check out our Mustang exhaust system which serves as the first step towards transformation.