Sport Exhaust Systems

Unleash the true sound of your vehicle with a high flow Manta performance exhaust! More power. More torque. More responsiveness. Find the right system for your car now.

Australia’s Largest Range of Sport exhausts

Take a look at our massive range of sport exhaust systems, covering many makes and models of street cars – including Australia’s favourite Commodores and Falcons. Based in Perth and Melbourne, our systems are developed and produced in Australia. From here, we make our performance exhausts available in Sydney, Brisbane and other regions in Australia.

Custom sport exhaust systems made right here in Australia

We manufacture Manta and De Fillipo exhaust systems for almost every vehicle. For ultimate power gains, you could go all-out on a full header-back system with extractors. If you’re wanting a decent performance boost without digging as deep into your wallet, we can do a cat-back for you instead. We also offer axle-backs for a more budget-friendly option. It might not free up a huge amount of power, but it will make a big difference to your exhaust sound quality.

Same as with our 4×4 range, you can choose your material, noise level, pipe size and more. It all depends on what you want out of your car. Check out our guide on how to choose the right aftermarket exhaust for you.

Sport exhaust tuning that provides more power and better fuel economy.

We have developed our sport performance tuning technologies, including ECU remapping and plugin diesel power modules to the highest standard to compliment our performance exhaust systems, giving huge increases in power, torque and fuel economy, whilst maintaining reliability at all times.

We have over 500 resellers across the country and ship to over 50 different countries. If you want to retail the Manta range, get in contact with us today. If you want to upgrade to a Manta performance exhaust, head into a dealer near you.