The Sting ECU Remap, performed on most computer-controlled Common Rail Diesel vehicles, is a custom tune that is “flashed” onto the car’s Engine Control Unit or ECU – the brain of your vehicle.

The STING ECU Remap is available for almost every computer controlled diesel vehicle & machine built from the early 2000’s to current. We can tune a variety of passenger vehicle engines; these include:

    •  The Ford Ranger and Territory
    •  Holden Colorado, Colorado 7 and Rodeo
    •  Isuzu Dmax and MU-X, Mazda BT50
    • Mitsubishi Pajero, Triton and Challenger
    • Nissan Navara and Pathfinder
    • Volkswagen Amarok
    • ….and many other vehicles!

VW Amarok Canyon

*Note: All agricultural and heavy duty machinery including trucks, harvesters, tractors and sprayers can also benefit significantly from the STING ECU remap.

What do we actually change? Depending on the vehicle or machine, we can change any number of parameters including fuelling (fuel rail pressure and injection timing and duration), boost pressure & turbo spool delay, throttle delays and torque limiters, and transmission mapping.

Here at Manta Pro, we base the remap on your vehicle’s specifications, and any modifications that may have been carried out on your vehicle. Our team can then customise each tune according to the following stages:

  • Stage 1: for vehicles with standard induction & exhaust systems. Typically sees gains of 15 – 20% over the factory figures
  • Stage 2: for vehicles with an upgraded Manta sports exhaust system. Can see gains of up to 40%
  • Stage 3: for vehicles with upgraded exhaust & induction, for example a larger intercooler or turbo. Gains can reach beyond 50%.

Depending on your requirements, each of these tuning stages can be customised for either maximum economy, maximum torque, or middle-ground combination of both power and economy. Therefore no two tunes are ever the same – every tune we do here at Manta Pro is custom written to suit your vehicle, your modifications, and your specific requirements.

If you’re searching for ECU remapping in Perth for your vehicle, choose Manta Pro, the remapping experts. Why settle for anything less? Get in touch with the STING tuning team to organise your ECU remap today!