Update On Manta’s Acquisition of Di Filippo Performance Exhausts

Two Years Later, DPE Is Alive And Well!

Over two years ago, in March of 2019, Manta Performance acquired the DPE product line and production facility in Melton Victoria. We are pleased to give you an update on the current status of this acquisition.

New brand, same great product

The first thing we’d like you to know is that the most popular and well-regarded DPE products have been added to the Manta brand. This includes headers for the Commodore, Falcon, and Mustang, as well as systems for the Jeep SRT and Chrysler 300. While these former DPE products now come branded as Manta Performance, they are being made to the same precise specs and with the same quality materials as those made by DPE before it was acquired by Manta.

Made in the same place as before

The next thing you should know is that these exhaust headers and systems are still produced in the same factory in Melton Victoria that DPE operated from. They are made to the same exacting standards by experts who are focused on the highest levels of quality. The single-minded commitment to excellence that DPE had been known for lives on under Manta ownership.

We have made some improvements that you will appreciate

There’s always room for improvement. In that spirit, we have made some useful changes to enhance the already great quality of these former DPE products as we have integrated them into the Manta line.

These products are finished to even higher standards and will fit your vehicle even better than before – they are now covered by Manta’s longstanding 100% fitment guarantee! On top of that, we have increased the former DPE 5-year warranty on all stainless steel headers and systems to a full 10-year warranty, the same as Manta’s stainless steel exhaust components.

Commodore fans: you still have a choice!

At Manta, we are well aware of the high regard that the Commodore community has for DPE exhaust systems. You will be happy to know that many of the DPE-designed Commodore systems are still available from Manta. Here are some details:

– We still manufacture the DPE VT-VZ Commodore twin 3-inch system (the twin 2.5-inch version has been discontinued, due to lack of demand).

– We continue to make the DPE VE-VF systems, as well as the original Manta version that we make in WA. The key differences between these are:

a. The DPE system has 2-inch quad outlets out of the mufflers and 3.5-inch bolt-on tips, vs. 2.5-inch quad outlets and 3.25-inch welded-on tips on the Manta system.

b. The DPE system runs an X-pipe merge after the cats, vs. a more traditional H-pipe setup on the Manta system.

c. The DPE system has 900mm long hotdogs in the centre section and only one noise level option, vs. the Manta system, which has 2 or more noise levels, depending on how you configure the centre section.

It all adds up to a complete line of exhaust system products that you can trust

If you liked the DPE systems, you will love the Manta-made versions! We have taken something that was really good and made it even better. These former DPE products are a great fit with the entire Manta line, underscoring our dedication to providing you with the best-designed, best-manufactured, and best-performing exhaust systems you can buy. Bolt one on and see the difference!