Amarok Exhaust

Amarok (3)
The Volkswagen Amarok was released in Australia in 2011, and has quickly become a popular vehicle. Built in Argentina, and renowned for high levels of comfort and style, the Amarok is a very capable 4×4, which will tackle almost any off-road challenge.

However, there is one department in which it could be said the Amarok does lack, and that is in power. Its 2.0L Bi-turbo Common Rail Diesel is smaller than most other engines in the 4×4 ute segment, and while the standard power and torque outputs of 120kw and 420nm (depending on the model) are respectable, they are certainly bettered by a number of other vehicles, such as the Ford Ranger, and Nissan Navara.

Thus once the Amarok was released, we set our mind to working out how to get more power out of the 2.0L, without compromising reliability. Our final approach was two-fold.
We replace the entire Amarok exhaust system, right from the turbo face, with a 3” system complete with a high efficiency diesel specific catalytic converter and straight-through muffler. We then flash the Engine Control Unit (ECU) with a performance tune, which significantly improves the driveability of the vehicle, as well as the power and torque.

With the new Amarok exhaust and ECU tune combined, we are seeing the power outputs of the vehicle lift by anything from 20 – 40%. The real bonus, is all the extra power doesn’t come at the expense of fuel economy. Fuel consumption normally decreases, as the engine is operating at a higher efficiency.

So contact us today, or talk to your local dealer, and find out how we can get your Amarok to actually beat almost every comparable ute on the market, with the increased power and torque from a Manta Pro performance Amarok exhaust and ECU remap.