Colorado Exhaust

Colorado (2)

The Holden Colorado was introduced in 2008, coinciding with Isuzu’s introduction into the commercial vehicle market with their Dmax, and the phasing out of the venerable Rodeo. The Colorado has since gained a reputation as a tradie’s weapon of choice for getting a job done, whilst also being surprisingly capable off-road.

There’s something else that sets it apart too – it responds very well to a signature Manta Pro 3” Colorado exhaust and ECU remap upgrade.

Similar to most modern 4×4 turbo diesels on the market today, the Colorado has a very restrictive factory exhaust system. It took one of our experienced exhaust technicians no time at all to realise there are gains to be had by fitting a performance exhaust system. After careful experimentation, we arrived at the conclusion that a 3” exhaust was the best option for the Colorado, offering the best power & torque, the fastest turbo spool, and the greatest reduction in exhaust gas temperatures.

After fitting the exhaust to the Colorado, we saw around a 5 – 10% gain in power and torque, while exhaust gas temperatures dropped dramatically. We could then see the potential for increased power by tweaking the fuelling and boost, taking advantage of the increased exhaust size, but staying well within the factory limits of the Colorado.

After trialling our Sting Power Modules – with considerable success – we then found that the most effective way of getting more power from these vehicles is by actually tuning the Engine Control Unit, or “ECU” – the car’s “brain” that controls everything. The Colorado uses a proprietary ECU, making it easy to tune the car for the best results. ECU tuning is more effective because it opens the door to a lot more parameters to adjust, rather than a Sting Power Module which is somewhat limited in scope.

For the RC Colorado, an ECU remap can be performed through the OBD port, an easy, painless, proven process that takes no more than a few hours. The RG is a little more complex, requiring around half a day’s work. Both vehicles yield extraordinary results, especially when combined with the Manta Pro 3” exhaust. We regularly see gains of up to 40%, whilst improving fuel economy by anything up to 14%.

If your Colorado seems a bit sluggish, if you could use some extra oomph off-road, or if you are just looking for better fuel economy, Manta Pro is the answer. Speak to one of our dealers, or contact us today to get a Colorado exhaust and ECU tune done, and make your vehicle perform like it should!