What’s The Difference Between Aluminised And Stainless Steel Exhausts?

Here at Manta Performance, we have many decades of experience in making top quality exhaust systems. Our current systems give you the option of either aluminised steel or stainless steel. We are often asked about the differences between these materials, as well as which one is the best choice.

As with so many things in life, the answer depends on a variety of factors. Let’s take a deeper look at the pros and cons of aluminised steel vs. stainless steel for your next exhaust system.

Aluminised steel – a great choice for the average user

Aluminised steel starts out as mild steel. It is then coated inside and out with an aluminium coating that protects it from rust. At Manta, we also give all our aluminised steel systems a coat of heatproof paint for extra protection.

As a result, an aluminised steel exhaust system from Manta Performance will last very well under normal conditions. We give these systems a two-year warranty, but we have seen many of them go way beyond that before needing replacement, particularly on diesel vehicles where the exhaust gasses are nowhere near as corrosive as those from a petrol engine.

Stainless steel – the ultimate for the true enthusiast

If you like to put your vehicle through its paces and expect the highest level of performance and durability from your exhaust system, then a Manta Performance stainless steel system will provide you with years and years of driving satisfaction. Our stainless steel systems are top quality and built to last. The proof of this is our ten-year warranty on Manta Performance stainless steel exhaust systems – but you can expect a stainless steel exhaust system to last a lot longer than that!

At Manta Performance, we know that all stainless steel is not the same. Our years of experience have taught us that certain grades of stainless steel work better for specific components of our stainless exhaust systems:

409 Grade: This is known as a “ferritic automotive grade” stainless. It is more resistant to the heat cycling that can happen when red hot exhaust pipes go through a water crossing. Using 409 grade stainless for these parts of the system prevents the brittleness and cracking that can happen when a higher grade stainless is used.

304 Grade: This is a higher grade stainless that looks great on the less heat-stressed parts of the system. It is perfect for our muffler skins and exhaust tips, where aesthetics are important and peak temperatures are lower.

How much more does stainless steel cost over aluminised steel?

Not that much! On most Manta Performance exhaust systems, it costs between $400 and $500 more to upgrade from aluminised to stainless. If your driving situation and your budget justifies it (see below), it’s an investment well worth making!

Is there any difference in the sound of an aluminised steel exhaust compared to a stainless steel system?

In a word, no. Manta Performance exhaust systems in both aluminised and stainless are structurally identical to each other. We use exactly the same wall thickness tubing, and exactly the same internal muffler configurations and combinations, meaning whether you pick an aluminsed steel or stainless steel system, you will still get that signature Manta sound!

Which should you pick – aluminised or stainless?

Here are a few general guidelines for choosing the right material for your Manta Performance exhaust system:

Choose an aluminised steel Manta Performance exhaust system if:

· You plan to keep your vehicle for less than five years

· You want a lower-priced system that is made with that great Manta quality

Choose a stainless steel Manta Performance exhaust system if:

· You plan to keep your vehicle for more than five years

· You live near the coast and plan to drive on the beach and through salt water regularly

· You want the most durable and best quality system that money can buy

If you have any additional questions about which material is right for you and your vehicle, you are welcome to use the “Contact Us” box to the upper right and send us a message.

Whichever you choose, Manta Performance is a brand you can trust

Manta has over forty years of expertise in making quality exhaust systems. From its humble beginnings back in 1974 as Perth’s first exhaust shop, the Manta brand has grown to become a reputable and proven manufacturer of world-class exhaust systems to fit popular vehicle makes and models.

Manta ships its aluminised steel and stainless steel exhaust systems to more than 50 countries worldwide, with a network of over 500 resellers in Australia. This means that if you reside in Australia, there is very likely to be a Manta dealer close to you.