Is A DPF Back Exhaust Even Worth It?

If you drive a diesel-powered vehicle that has a diesel particulate filter (DPF), you may be considering upgrading your exhaust system. You may also be wondering, “Is a DPF back exhaust even worth it?” given that the DPF must stay where it is.

Here at Manta Performance, we are happy to answer your DPF exhaust questions! We pride ourselves on designing and producing the highest quality exhaust systems, including those for vehicles that come with a DPF.

What is a DPF?

A diesel particulate filter, or DPF, is a device that removes the soot from diesel exhaust. The technical term for soot is diesel particulate matter, from which the DPF gets its name. Soot is actually very small carbon particles produced by diesel engines, due to the makeup of the fuel and the incomplete combustion that results when it is burned in an internal combustion engine.

These tiny particles of soot have been identified as a health hazard when they are inhaled by people, contributing to lung cancer and other major respiratory diseases. As a result, governments around the world have enacted regulations which have led to the widespread use of DPFs on diesel vehicles to minimize the effects of diesel particulates on peoples’ health. By catching and destroying harmful diesel particulates before they can escape your vehicle and be breathed in, DPFs keep our air cleaner and healthier. These regulations also prohibit you from removing the DPF if your vehicle came from the factory with one.

Are there benefits to upgrading to a Manta DPF back exhaust?

Absolutely, as long as you are not expecting a big power boost. Since the DPF itself is a major restriction point in the exhaust system, and the factory system forward of the DPF needs to remain in place, you will not get the power increase you would expect from a full turbo back system. The real improvement that you will see (or actually hear!) with a Manta Performance DPF back system is in the exhaust note, which we have designed to sound much more “serious” that what you get from the factory.

There are some performance-related benefits that you might see with a Manta Performance DPF back system. Certain vehicles (such as the 70 Series) have shown a 5 to 10 horsepower gain when our DPF back system is added. This is because we use mandrel bent pipes and no mufflers on our DPF back systems, which reduces the restriction in that part of the system and gives you a great sound too!

Is deleting your DPF a good idea?

Unless you are planning to use your vehicle either for racing or off-roading exclusively, with absolutely no on-road use, don’t even think about it! The authorities have determined that removing emissions control equipment is illegal. Deleting your DPF can have the following consequences (these apply in Australia):

  • – Your DPF-deleted vehicle will be determined to be unroadworthy.
  • – An unroadworthy vehicle involved in an accident on public roads can have its insurance voided.
  • – Deleting your DPF is a separate criminal offense on its own.
  • – Fines of $10,000 to $12,000 will result if you are caught.

In other words, don’t! Deleting your DPF for on-road use just isn’t worth it.

A Manta Performance DPF back exhaust is an excellent solution

Improve your DPF-equipped vehicle’s sound while reducing its restrictiveness with a Manta Performance DPF back exhaust system. Choose from aluminised steel or stainless steel options, complete with Manta’s quality bolt-on construction, 100% fitment guarantee and warranties up to 10 years. So the answer to “Is a DPF back exhaust even worth it?” is a definite YES!

Manta Performance is a brand you can trust

Manta has been making quality exhausts for over forty years. From its humble beginnings as Perth’s first exhaust shop in 1974, the Manta brand has grown to become a reputable and proven manufacturer of world-class exhaust systems to fit popular vehicle makes and models.

Manta ships its exhaust systems to more than 50 countries worldwide and boasts a network of over 500 resellers in Australia alone. This means that if you reside in Australia, there is very likely to be a Manta dealer close to you.