Ford PK Ranger ECU Remap & Dyno Results

Ranger PK

We recently carried out some R&D on the 3.0L Turbo Diesel Ford PK Ranger (manual) and through an ECU remap we were able to achieve huge results!

After fitting a 3″ exhaust system, a high flow intercooler, and performing an ECU remap with a high performance tune, we saw some simply immense gains!

Power increased by 59hp at the wheels (an increase of 50%), while torque increased by 142nm (45% increase) all through some slight physical alterations and ECU Remapping.

Despite these massive increases in performance and power, the car retained a smooth drive and after the remap saw a slight increase in fuel economy.

Ranger PK

Other vehicles we can remap include the BT50, Colorado, Dmax, Territory, Amarok, Navara, Triton and Pajero.

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