We stock a large range of headers, or extractors as they are also known, for many naturally aspirated and supercharged vehicles, including Holden Commodores, Ford Falcons, Toyota Landcruisers, and Nissan Patrols.

Our range includes:
– Hurricane headers
– Genie headers
– Hitech headers
– Wildcat headers

A good performance header will make a magnitude of difference top your car, making it rev freer, and giving it up to 10% more power. You should also use less fuel as the engine will be operating more efficiently.


Genie Headers

Manta is the WA dealer for Genie headers. Genie headers are Australian made, and are highly regarded in the exhaust industry for their fitment and performance. We recommend Genie headers for all vehicles, particularly the Toyota Landcruiser 1HZ 4.2L diesel motors, which benefit tremendously from a set of Genie extractors.


Hitech Headers

Hitech headers are manufactured by a Victorian company a wide range of vehicles including early Holdens, and Falcons, together with a large number of 4×4 vehicles such as Landcruisers and Nissan Patrols, through to current model FG Falcons and VF Commodores.
All Hitech headers have undergone a rigorous development process, to ensure the best possible fitment, and performance. All pipes are correctly sized to ensure the headers have a “scavenging” effect on the exhaust gasses, actually drawing them out of the cylinder to allow fresh air to fill the combustion chamber, which gives a more complete combustion.

This effect is very beneficial for all naturally aspirated motors, especially diesel motors, which tend to rev freer, gain low-down torque, and use less fuel once fitted with a set of extractors. The Nissan GQ Patrol in particular is one vehicle that does benefit from fitting a set of Hitech headers. This simple job takes no more than a few hours, and makes a significant difference to how the vehicle runs.


Hurricane Headers

Hurricane Headers is an Australian family owned business, which has years of experience in the manufacturing of high quality headers. Most Hurricane headers are mandrel bent for maximum performance, and the range covers many vehicles, going right back to the 1960’s and 70’s. Additionally, Hurricane have developed headers for a number of conversions, such as when fitting a GM LS1 V8 into a GU Patrol, making the process a lot easier and cheaper, when previously a custom set of headers would have to be made.

Hurricane headers are chosen by many of Australia’s top performance workshops for fitting to V8 Commodores, including the 5.7L, 6.0L, and 6.2L motors in the VT – VF range. The Hurricane 4-into-1 header design, with 1 & 7/8” primaries ensures maximum performance at peak revs, and can provide enough flow for a motor producing over 1000hp.

The Hurricane headers are available ceramic coated, which is like the fiberglass lagging of old, trapping the heat inside the extractor pipes, keeping the engine bay and associated components cooler. However unlike fiberglass lagging, ceramic coating is not detrimental to the pipework, and also looks fantastic with a shiny chrome finish.

Many Hurricane headers are available with a bolt-up Manta catalytic converter assembly, making the installation of the headers very straightforward, with no welding usually involved.


Wildcat Headers

Manta is the WA dealer for Wildcat headers. Wildcat headers are Australian made, and are highly regarded in the exhaust industry for their fitment and performance. The Wildcat headers are press bent, and offer a lower priced, yet reliable and top-performing alternative to other mandrel bent options such as Genie headers. We recommend Wildcat headers for all vehicles, particularly the Holden Commodore V6’s, and the Toyota Landcruiser 1HZ 4.2L diesel motors, which benefit tremendously from a set of Wildcat extractors.


We also have a huge range of manifold-replacement type headers, which are always much more cost effective than an OEM manifold.

Call us today to discuss which set of headers is the best option for your vehicle!