Nissan D40 2.5L Navara

Our latest acquisition for a development vehicle, is a 2013 D40 Navara ST Dual Cab, in brilliant Flame Red.

Straight away, we fitted it out with a 3″ Stainless Steel exhaust system, which gave it a much better sounding note, and with just the exhaust alone, increased the overall power by around 10kw.

Then we took it a step further…

Working in conjunction with our tuning technicians in Europe, we developed a STING programme for the ECU to boost the power and torque even more. After adjusting more than 30 parameters, the results were quite astounding. Now pushing over 30kw more than a standard vehicle, and with 87nm extra torque, our Navara is a different vehicle, with overtaking, and towing now being almost effortless, and the extra power certainly comes in handy off-road.

Fuel economy is also now better than standard! Talk to one of our friendly sales staff about how we can power up your turbo diesel with STING today!