Here at Manta we’re on a mission to become the No 1 Performance Exhaust manufacturer in Australia. To do this, we’re continuing to invest in our future, this includes keeping up with research and development of new products, and making sure we have the manufacturing capacity to maintain supply!

We’re excited to announce that our brand new Mandrel Header Bender is now up and running in our Melton factory, the former home of Difilippo Performance Exhausts! This new machine has many advantages, including a fully electric bend head for speed and accuracy, which ensures our headers have perfect fitment.

A mandrel bender has significant advantages over crush bends as the internal diameter of the exhaust pipe is consistent throughout the bend radius, eliminating any restriction to ensure Manta Performance Headers are the best flowing on the market!

Our new machine also incorporates an auto-cropping mechanism, reducing the need for manual cutting and trimming of pipe. This will increase the speed of our production, help us keep stock of Australia’s No 1 Performance Exhausts, and keep Manta at the forefront of the performance exhaust market here in Australia!