Patrol Exhaust

3.0L Patrol (later)



The GQ and GU Patrol is a favourite vehicle for many off-road enthusiasts. They are tough, reliable, and whether you have the 4.2L diesel or petrol, both are sure to be able to tackle anything you throw at it.

However, both the diesel and petrol do lack somewhat in power and torque, especially higher up in the rev range. One option is to turbocharge the motor, however this isn’t recommended for the petrol, and must be done right to ensure longevity on the diesel. Additionally turbocharging does entail considerable cost.

Many turn to a good set of extractors and a 2.5” exhaust system to help boost the performance of their GQ and GU Patrol. The Manta Pro GQ and GU Patrol exhaust system & extractors is easy to fit, replacing the entire factory exhaust system including the exhaust manifold. It is a perfect solution if you have a warped or cracked manifold, a problem common to vehicles with higher kilometres on the odometer.

A set of extractors helps the motor rev free, run cooler, and achieve a more complete combustion due to the scavenging effect of the extractor pipes, all resulting in more power. Typical gains are between 5 – 10%, while normally reducing fuel consumption. Further power on the diesels can be gained by increasing the amount of fuel injected by tuning the injector pump. This will likely make the vehicle smokier, and use more fuel, so caution is advised.

So if you have a GQ Patrol, or even the later model GU naturally aspirated model, and are looking to get an edge off-road, take a look at the Manta Pro extractors & 2.5” GQ and GU Patrol exhaust system for both the petrol TB42 and diesel TD42 motors. This will give you an improved exhaust note, more power, and lower running temperatures. The Manta Pro exhaust will undoubtedly help your GQ or GU Patrol get to the magic million kilometres without breaking a sweat!

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