Pipercross is a UK company, specialising in the development and manufacture of high performance air filters. Manta Pro has partnered with Pipercross to develop a range of air filters for the Toyota Landcruiser and Prado, which replace the factory filter, and offer enhanced filtration.

The Pipercross air filter is made of foam, but what sets it apart from other foam filters, is its 3-layer design. The Pipercross has a coarse, medium, and fine layer that offers superb filtration, yet can still maintain its original flow rate until it is up to 80% blocked. This is compared to a paper or gauze filter, which when 80% blocked, can only maintain 20% of its original flow rate. Additionally, the Pipercross air filter flows up to 35% better than the standard Toyota paper filter. This means the performance of the Pipercross filter will not diminish in between services. Additionally, the Pipercross filter is fully washable, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

While the Pipercross filter may be more expensive than a standard replacement filter initially, after a few services it will have paid for itself, as it will not need replacing; only cleaning.

Real-life testing, including a week-long trip up the Canning Stock Route proved that the Pipercross filter actually offers superior filtration when compared to the genuine filter. We guarantee the Pipercross filter will not void your warranty, as it is a high-quality, OEM grade air filter.

On A V8 Landcruiser, fitting a Pipercross air filter and Manta air ram frees up the intake system to such an extent that you will gain around 2psi of boost pressure when cruising (peak boost remains the same). This is evidence that the intake is a lot freer flowing when a Pipercross filter is fitted.

The benefits from the Pipercross Air Filter are even more pronounced when combined with a Manta Pro 3” exhaust system, and Sting Power Module.

Contact us, or find your nearest dealer to get your Pipercross air filter, and transform your vehicle!