Prado Exhaust


The Prado is often maligned as a city-persons car, but is actually a seriously capable 4×4 vehicle. Used for everything from touring, to off-road exploring, the Prado can knock most challenges over in comfort & style.

However, there is one area that it could be said that the Prado is somewhat lacking, and that is in the power department. Most vehicles sold come with the 3.0L D4D common rail turbo diesel. In its standard form, this engine is rated at 127kw, and 410nm – respectable outputs, but certainly nothing outstanding.

We got a vehicle in, and had a deep look at it. From the first glance, two things were obvious. Firstly, the factory Prado exhaust system was not adequate, and secondly due to the nature of the common rail system, we would be able to get some good gains through the development and fitting of a Sting Power Module.

Our 3” exhaust system, replaces the entire factory Prado exhaust system, including the dump pipe off the turbo. It gave some good gains, particularly bringing the turbo boost in much earlier, adding responsiveness down low in the rev range. In the interests of keeping in-cab noise as low as possible, we incorporated two straight-through mufflers into the exhaust system. This keeps the Prado exhaust noise level close to the factory levels, with no annoying drone inside the cab.

The mandrel bends on our Prado exhaust system, together with the high-flow catalytic converter that we recommend be fitted, ensure the highest possible flow, and along with that comes maximum performance and fuel economy.

Once our Prado exhaust was developed, we recognised that there is further potential for power and torque gains through the fitment of the Sting Power Module, a plugin piggy-back ECU which regulates the fuel injection. Through careful tuning, ensuring we remained safely within the limits of the engine, we managed to extract power gains of over 20%, and torque gains closer to 30%.

Best of all, due to the derestricted 3” exhaust system, we also recorded improved fuel economy.

If you think your Prado could do with a little more grunt, don’t look past our 3” performance exhaust and Sting Power Module – contact us or find your local dealer today!