We’re achieving some incredible gains with the STING ECU Remap and Manta 3″ exhaust on the Ford Ranger & Mazda BT50 with the 3.2L 5 cylinder turbo diesel.

Fitting a 3″ exhaust and carrying out the remap really wakes the 3.2L engine up, giving increased power and responsiveness right throughout the rev range. We’re also seeing fuel economy improve by up to 3L/100km when towing, and 2L/100km when unladen.

The STING Remap eliminates the “dead spot” down low that is common on all Rangers, making the vehicle respond the moment you touch the throttle, without being overly touchy or compromising your driving experience in any way. Remapping your vehicle’s ECU can get the most out of it, in terms of power, fuel economy and torque.

Why wouldn’t you get the most out of your vehicle? The team at Manta have significant expertise in ECU remapping and can change the way your car physically interacts with its digital components.

Check out our dyno graph below, then get in touch with Manta here and see how ECU remapping in Perth can get the most out of your vehicle!