STING ECU Remapping Tuning Day at Manta Belmont, Perth

Thursday, June 18th 2015

We had a brilliant day yesterday at the Sting ECU Remap Tuning Day at Manta in Belmont. We performed an ECU remap on four different Rangers at our Belmont location in Perth. Some vehicle owners wanted a focus on power, others were chasing economy, we performed a custom ECU remap which enabled their cars to perform exactly how they wanted.

After their initial “ECU flash”, the tunes in these vehicles can all be updated or put back to standard through the OBD port under the dash of the vehicle.

We’re seeing up to 50% improvement in power and torque, and 20% improvement in fuel economy through the STING ECU remapping techniques.

Other vehicles we can remap apart from the Ranger include:

– Territory

– Amarok

– Navara

– Dmax

– Colorado

…and many more!

Our team have vast experience ECU remapping for Perth vehicle owners. Contact us today by clicking here to discover the difference a remap can make to your diesel 4×4!