Landcruiser and Hilux Remaps are now available!

We can remap all common rail Toyota ECUs, including the 200 & 70 Series V8 Landcruiser, and the Hilux and Hiace 3.0L D4D motors.

We’re seeing some sensational results, taking care at all times to remain within the safe limits of the engine, turbo, and drivetrain.

Torque will increase by up to 40%, and power by 20 – 30%, while fuel economy will improve by 10 – 20%!

For off-road applications we can delete the Exhaust Gas Recirculation function, while in automatic transmissions we can make the torque converter lockup earlier, and cause the transmission to hold higher gears for longer, to make use of the extra torque you’ll get from the remap – all of which help save on fuel consumption.

Cast your eyes over the dyno results below, then get in touch!

Hilux Dyno

Safe tune, optimised for economy on 3.0L Hilux D4D. Still with massive improvements in torque and driveability!

V8 Landcruiser Graph

Typical gains on a V8 79 Series Landcruiser – please note a heavy duty clutch is required before the remap, as the OEM clutch can’t handle all that extra torque!

200 Series ECU Remap

Huge gains with a VDJ200 Remap and Exhaust! The remap includes a transmission tune which locks the torque converter up much earlier to take advantage of that mountain of torque!