V2 Manta “Cobra Style” Air Ram for Toyota 70 Series Landcruiser

Now Fitting INSIDE the factory snorkel, still reusing the OEM clamp system for a 5 minute install!

Here’s the V2 Manta “Cobra Style” Air Ram for Toyota 70 Series Landcruiser. It is a replacement for the standard round “mushroom style” snorkel top found on the original Toyota snorkel fitted to most Landcruisers.

While improving the appearance of the vehicle, the cobra-style air ram also has a ram effect at highway speeds. It helps force the incoming air down into the motor, giving your Landcruiser increased responsiveness. It also allows the engine to breathe easier. As an extra benefit, the Manta Air Ram is noticeably quieter at highway speeds than the factory Toyota snorkel head.

A vent at the rear of the snorkel head ensures an exit for water while driving in rain.

The Manta Air Ram is a simple 5 minute install, retaining the use of the factory clamping system. Just loosen the clamp, remove the old snorkel head, replace it with the new Manta Air Ram, tighten the clamp, and away you go! More details are right here.