We’re pleased to announce that in conjunction with Perth Diesel Performance/SS Auto Repairs, we have brought an exciting new product to the market: a high-flow 2″ crossover pipe, to suit all single turbo V8 Landcruisers with the 1VD-FTV 4.5L Turbo Intercooled V8 Diesel engine, from 2007 to current.

There are a number of features that set our crossover pipe apart:

2 piece design, for ease of fitment (gearbox removal not required)

Fully ceramic coated for lower under-bonnet temperatures (up to 50 degrees lower than stock), so no external heat wrapping is required!

OEM spec flex bellows, with all piping made from 409 grade stainless steel for maximum resistance to heat cycles. This crossover pipe is one rock solid design that will not crack under stress

2″ mandrel bent design, for maximum flow. This results in reduced turbo spool times, increased responsiveness, lower exhaust gas temperatures & better low-down torque.

The crossover pipe also tends to take out the “thongslap” sound of a louder exhaust, and instead makes it a lot smoother and more throaty.

The Manta crossover pipe is available exclusively from Perth Diesel Performance. You can order one here: https://perthdiesel.store/collections/70-series-v8-landcruiser/products/landcruiser-vdj76-78-79-crossover-pipe

We also have a non-ceramic coated 1 7/8in version available here: https://www.mpiautomotive.com/product/21035-toyota-landcruiser-v8-vdj70-series-1-7-8in-replacement-crossover-pipe

Crossover Promoa