Here are the latest figures from our STING ECU Remap on the V8 Landcruiser 70 Series VDJ79.

The stock dyno runs were carried out on a brand new, unmodified vehicle with 600km on the clock. Then the 3″ Manta Exhaust was fitted, and we then carried out the STING ECU Remap. First up we tried an all-out POWER tune, then we settled for a more moderate economy-focused tune with marginally less power, and around 60nm less torque.

We’re also able to turn off the EGR function (intended for off road use).

Contact us today for ECU remapping in Perth and really wake up the beast in your V8 Cruiser, whether it’s for economy or all-out power and torque!

Results Summary:

The POWER tune:

69% torque increase (310nm to 525nm), 57.5% power increase (129.2hp to 203.5hp)

The Economy tune:

49.7% torque increase (310nm to 464nm), 51% torque increase (129.2hp to 195.5hp)

Check out the dyno graphs below!

The POWER tune:

VDJ79 Power Tune

The Economy tune:

VDJ79 Economy Tune