Why Manta is considered the best aftermarket exhaust systems

One of the first steps a car owner takes to improve their vehicle is to upgrade to a performance exhaust. This is because vehicle manufacturers are limited by a variety of factors that don’t prioritise a vehicle’s power or sound.

Car exhaust systems are designed so that they fit easily onto a vehicle as it’s moving down an assembly line and are made of materials that keep the overall cost of the car down. They are also built to meet relevant emissions targets and noise requirements for any location the vehicle may be sold. What you end up with from the factory is the addition of mufflers to keep the system quiet, as well as smaller pipe sizes for easier assembly and lower cost.

So, when you’re looking to add some power, sound and extra appeal to your vehicle, it doesn’t get much better than a performance exhaust. But with so many aftermarket car exhaust systems available, it can be hard to work out which is the best option for you. You don’t want to end up with a system that is more trouble than they’re worth, with issues like poor fitment, low quality materials and limited warranties. That’s where Manta comes in. With none of the issues of cheaper, poor-quality alternatives, our systems are an investment that’s built right here in Australia and made to last. Our exhaust systems don’t have manufacturers’ limitations, they’re made using high quality materials and they’re a perfect fit for your vehicle. That all comes together to give you the sound and power you expect in your performance exhaust.


Quality materials

The pipes are the heart of any exhaust system, and the better the quality of the tube used to make it, the longer it will last. We offer a choice of two top-quality pipe materials: aluminised (2 year warranty) or stainless steel (10 year warranty). To give your exhaust system maximum longevity, we typically use 409 automotive grade stainless steel for pipes and 304 stainless steel for mufflers. We were the first exhaust manufacturer in Australia to back our products with a 10 year warrany., so you can drive into the future with confidence.

Just as important as pipe material is pipe thickness. At Manta, we use nothing but 1.6mm thick pipe ­– much thicker than you would find on factory and cheaper aftermarket systems out there. Our thicker pipe adds extra durability to your exhaust system so it can stand up to the environmental extremes that’s a part of driving on and off the road.

Another big difference in quality (and one that’s easy to spot) can be found in the mounting brackets. Cheap systems will cut corners, using flimsy brackets that don’t hold up to serious use. Some systems will even leave out some or all of the brackets, leaving you to figure out how to fabricate them from scratch. Manta exhaust systems always come with sturdy, securely attached brackets that match up with the factory mounts and hold your exhaust system firmly in place.

Perfect fit – guaranteed

How a system looks on the floor and how it fits onto your vehicle are two different things – and what could be more frustrating than setting out to install your new exhaust system and finding that it doesn’t fit? That doesn’t happen with Manta performance exhaust systems. We build our jigs around the factory system, following the same path and using the same mounting points and rubber hangers wherever possible. That’s how we can give you a 100% fitment guarantee.

This also means that your Manta system will fit around most aftermarket fuel tanks, spare tyre carriers and other accessories located near the exhaust system – guaranteed.

Genuinely customisable

Unlike cheap, no-name exhaust systems that only come one way, Manta exhaust systems are designed from the ground up to be fully customisable to give you exactly what you need.

We offer:

  1. A choice between stainless or aluminised steel
  2. A variety of configurations including mufflers, resonators or even straight through systems
  3. A variety of pipe sizes (2.25, 2.5, 3 and 4 inches)
  4. High-flow catalytic converters
  5. Exhaust tips
  6. Full systems from engine to tail or even just from the cat-back

Best of all, we have 2 fully loaded warehouses on the West and East coasts of Australia, that supply hundreds of local Manta Dealers. That means we can get you what you need, fast! You don’t get that level of availability from brands that import cheap knock offs.

Improved performance

Whether you’re replacing a complete exhaust system in your turbo diesel or headers in your naturally  aspirated petrol or diesel vehicle, we have the expertise to fit you out with the best system to improve your sound and performance.

We don’t just think ‘bigger is better’ when it comes to turbo diesel systems – we’ve worked out that  3 and 4 inch single pipes size offer the best increase in performance. Any bigger, and you’ll run into issues with too much noise or have issues with clearance around aftermarket accessories. Any smaller results in an increase in exhaust gas temperatures and a reduction in performance.

It’s this attention to detail that means Manta exhaust systems deliver. Having the right exhaust system for your vehicle powers up your performance by improving efficiency, lowering fuel consumption and drawing the right amount of air into the system.

A brand you can trust

When you’re looking for quality, fit, customisability and performance, look no further than Manta. With nearly 50 years in the business, we’re a reputable and proven manufacturer of world-class high-performing exhaust systems built to fit most popular vehicle makes and models. Don’t settle for anything but the best. Find a Manta detailer near you today.