XR6 Turbo Exhaust


The Ford XR6 turbo, introduced in 2002 to critical acclaim, quickly became a go-to car for performance enthusiasts, and twelve years later it still hasn’t lost its appeal.

Bang-for-buck, the XR6 turbo is one of the easiest cars to reliably get V8-thrashing power from. Coming in at 240kw in the BA, 245kw in the BF, 270kw in the FG, and 310kw in the FG FPV model, the XR6 turbos all had heart-stopping performance from standard.

Fitting a Manta Pro Performance Exhaust to your XR6 Turbo – releasing a growling exhaust note – provides extra flow for the XR6 Turbo exhaust gasses. This helps the turbo spool earlier, and is one of the foundational performance modifications to perform to the XR6 turbo. Whilst the XR6 Turbo exhaust gives good gains in its own right (and sounds fantastic!), it also paves the way for further modifications such as a tune, better injectors, or more boost, amongst others.

The range of Manta Pro exhausts for the XR6 turbo include just cat-back systems, dump-pipe back systems, and full turbo-back systems that replace the entire factory XR6 Turbo exhaust system. Our flagship exhaust system comes solely in stainless steel, and runs a single 4” dump pipe off the turbo, into dual 3” high flow catalytic converters and cat-back exhaust system, with two twin-in-twin-out mufflers to control drone.

We also offer twin 2.5”, and single 3” setups, depending on your needs. Whether you’re planning to keep your XR6 turbo stock and are just looking for some extra noise, or whether you are building a 1000hp weapon – we have an XR6 Turbo exhaust system to suit every situation.

If you’ve got a BA, BF, or FG XR6 turbo, or maybe the FPV Typhoon or Tornado model, your car will definitely benefit from the Manta Pro exhaust system, and even more so if you are planning on going down the performance upgrade road.

Contact us, or speak to your local dealer about the best option for your XR6 Turbo exhaust needs.