Nissan Patrol Performance Exhaust

Manta Performance has over 90 years of combined experience in the aftermarket exhaust industry. This gives us an edge when supplying high-quality performance exhaust systems for the Nissan Patrol, one of the most popular vehicles for off-roading. Our premium systems are all proudly Australian made.

We want people to get the best value for our Nissan Patrol exhaust systems. So, we prioritise precision and performance. All our featured products undergo extensive development and testing processes to provide the perfect fitment and ultimate sound. It doesn’t hurt that our exhaust improves the overall aesthetics of the vehicle.

Check out our Patrol exhaust systems:

Although there are many SUVs on the market, the latest Nissan Patrol remains one of the most preferred vehicles of car enthusiasts. It has a V8 engine with a 5.6-litre displacement, making it one of those rare SUVs with a racing car-bred engine. It offers great value for money, too.

Given these specs, it is not surprising that many people opt for the Patrol. However, there are still ways to overhaul the vehicle through our Patrol performance exhaust system. Our exhausts improve an already great SUV:

  • Increased Power

Explore the full potential of the Nissan SUV’s racing car engine. Our Patrol performance exhaust increases the horsepower and torque of the vehicle.

  • Better Fuel Efficiency

Many car enthusiasts think twice about a vehicle because of its fuel efficiency. Our aftermarket exhaust keeps the air clean in the Patrol engine, reducing the need for extra fuel that cleans dirty air.

  • Remarkable Roaring Sound

The driving experience gets better when you hear the deep, powerful roar of engine acceleration. Our performance exhaust systems feature that ultimate sound.

Older models can also enjoy a boost. The 4.2L Diesel, 4.2L Turbo Diesel, 3.0L Turbo Diesel, and 4.2L, 4.5L and 4.8L petrol engines can all be refitted with an upgrade from their standard exhaust systems. This upgrade enhances these time proven engines, coaxing even more performance from these reliable Patrols.

At Manta, we feature Nissan Patrol exhaust systems that improve driving performance and the acceleration sound that’s so deeply satisfying. Our distributors make our products available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other cities in Australia and New Zealand. Call us for enquiries.