Ford Falcon XH 5.0L V8 Ute & Panel Van


Complete Manta exhaust system, available in mandrel bent 2.5″ tubing as a “cat-back” system, replacing the last two sections of the standard exhaust.

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Product Description

The XH Falcon ute had the option of the legendary 5.0L V8 Windsor motor that was imported from the USA. This motor produced 165kw, and this figure can be easily increased by fitting a Manta performance exhaust system. The stock exhaust systems tended to restrict the motor at high RPM’s, and also had a tendency to rust out after a period of time. So if you need to replace your exhaust system, why not upgrade it at the same time?

The Manta exhaust upgrade gives the Falcon a deep, throaty V8 sound, while a high flow muffler controls noise inside the cabin without reducing performance. The cat back system configuration is ideal if you are just looking for better sound, or a replacement for your stock exhaust system.


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