Holden Crewman & One Ton VY, VZ 5.7L V8 Rear Wheel Drive Ute & Dual Cab


Complete Manta exhaust system, available in mandrel bent dual 2.5″ tubing. Choose between a complete exhaust system with extractors, or a “cat-back” system, replacing the last two sections of the standard exhaust.

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Product Description

The 5.7L LS1 V8 introduced in the VT Series 2 Commodore, and found in the Crewman and One Ton utes, was the first of a long line of American built Chevy V8’s to be fitted to the Commodore. Initially producing 230kw, the motor was greatly restricted by the stock exhaust system, which also gave these vehicles a somewhat muted exhaust note. By fitting a Manta exhaust system, the true character of the Gen III V8 can be released, together with extra power, torque and responsiveness.

There are a number of options to suit all requirements, tastes, and budgets. A cat-back system is the ideal choice if you’re after improved sound, while a full system will give the maximum increase in performance, and also improve the exhaust note, making it crisper and louder. The twin 2.5″ dual is a great sounding exhaust system, with a deep throaty note that will ensure your ute is the envy of everybody! All systems are available in aluminised steel, or for the ultimate in longevity, stainless steel which carries a 10 year warranty.


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