Isuzu MU-X 3.0L CRD 2017 – 2021


Complete DPF back or “turbo back” Manta exhaust system – available in 3″ fully mandrel bent aluminised or stainless steel tubing.

The turbo back system does require a recalibration of the vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) to remove certain functions associated with the DPF system. This is intended for off-road or race use only.

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Product Description

The MU-X, with a 3.0L common rail turbo diesel motor, is a common vehicle to be upgraded with a 3″ Manta exhaust system. Restricted by its standard exhaust system to an output of 130kw and 380nm, the MU-X in its standard form has somewhat lacklustre performance. Replace that standard exhaust with a 3” version, and remap the ECU with a STING ECU Remap though, and it’s a completely different vehicle.

The exhaust helps the turbo spool much earlier, making the motor come on boost lower in the rev range. Its free flowing design also helps the engine develop higher amounts of power and torque, while reducing the exhaust gas temperatures, helping the engine run cooler and more efficiently.

The Sting ECU Remap consolidates and increases the power, torque, and economy gains by regulating a number of parameters throughout the rev range. The extra power means less time is spent pressing the throttle, correspondingly less fuel is used – the economy gains from the Manta upgrade can truly be astounding. With a number of different muffler combinations to give you the sound you want, as well as a quiet option that keeps the noise close to the factory levels, the Manta exhaust is the perfect way to give your MU-X the pep-me-up it needs to go the distance.


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