Nissan Patrol Y62 Series 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 – 5.6L V8 Petrol Wagon


Manta Performance Exhaust system – available as a “full system”, replacing the entire factory exhaust, as a “cat back”, bolting to the standard factory catalytic converters, or as a “center muffler delete” to replace the restrictive factory centre muffler.

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Product Description

The latest Y62 Nissan Patrol, is available with a 5.6L V8 petrol motor only, and has developed a reputation for being a gas-guzzler. A prime reason for this is the overly-restrictive factory exhaust system, which uses no fibreglass packing, but rather a complex system of chambers, baffles and valves to control the exhaust noise.

As a result, the fuel economy suffers as the engine is unable to breathe properly, and the exhaust note is wheezy, and hardly befitting of a V8.

The Manta exhaust system consists of three options:

  1. The “Full System” is an engine back option, replacing the entire factory exhaust system with a set of performance extractors, high flow cats, and our cat back system. This is an ideal option if your factory cats have failed (a common issue on vehicles with over 100,000km on them), or if you are looking to fit a supercharger.
  2. The “Cat Back” system runs from the cats back, in dual 2.5″ mandrel bent pipe-work, into single 3″ pipe-work, with two straight-through glass packed mufflers to keep the noise down.
  3. The “centre muffler delete” retains the front and rear section of the factory exhaust, but still gives the benefit of bigger pipe work off the cats, and a straight through centre muffler.

The result is a fantastic sounding exhaust note, that is not loud at all and far from intrusive inside the cabin. For those chasing a bit more of a note, our “medium” noise level options run a hotdog resonator in the centre section, replacing the muffler. However, this does lead to an increase in interior noise. If you are towing or want to keep things quiet inside the cab, we’d recommend our quiet option.

The system has been specially developed with a 2 piece rear section design to allow fitment to vehicles with a long range tank.

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System Type

Cat Back, Centre Muffler Delete, Full System, with extractors


Aluminised Steel, Stainless Steel

Noise Level

Loud, Medium, Quiet

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