Main Image: A couple of 3.2L Rangers, a BT50 and an RC Colorado, all with 3″ exhaust systems and the Stage 2 Sting ECU Remap!


Here are just some of the vehicles we’ve tuned over the last month, with fantastic results. We’re having reports that through our ECU Remapping service in Perth, our clients getting 150km extra per tank, along with massively improved power, torque and throttle response! Check out the range of project we have worked on and how ECU remapping can turn regular vehicles into high performance machines!

2012 Ranger

Above: 2012 PX Ranger 3.2L with Manta 3″ Exhaust and Stage 2 Sting ECU Remap

2014 Dmax

Above: 2014 Isuzu Dmax with Manta 3″ Exhaust, Upgraded Intercooler, and Stage 2 Sting ECU Remap

RC Colorado

Above: 2009 RC Colorado 3.0L with Manta 3″ Exhaust & Stage 2 Sting ECU Remap

2012 Amarok

Above: 2012 Amarok 2.0L with Manta 3″ Exhaust & Stage 2 Sting ECU Remap

VW Amarok Canyon

Above: 2014 Amarok 2.0L Canyon Edition with Manta 3″ Exhaust & Stage 2 ECU Remap

Contact us for more information about our ECU Remapping, Perth based service! We can alter your vehicle and achieve increased power, torque, and improved fuel economy. STING ECU Remapping is available in Perth for almost all modern diesel vehicles, whether you have an upgraded exhaust system or not. We optimise up to 30 different parameters to make your vehicle perform like it should!