Holden Commodore VP, VR, VS 5.0L V8 Sedan, Independent Rear Suspension, with single cat


Complete Manta exhaust system, available in mandrel bent single 2.5″ and 3″ tubing, or in a dual 2.5″ configuration. Choose between a complete exhaust system with extractors, or a “cat-back” system, replacing the last two sections of the standard exhaust.

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Product Description

The Manta exhaust for the VN, VP, VR and VS IRS V8 Commodore Sedans, offers significant improvements in power and sound over the stock exhaust system. The fuel injected, Australian made 304ci/5.0L V8 used in these cars made up to 168kw, and this figure can be further enhanced through the fitment of a set of high flowing extractors, a 200 cell catalytic converter, and a mandrel bent cat-back exhaust. There are a number of options available, in either aluminised steel, or stainless steel for maximum longevity.

The 2.5″ is ideal if you are looking for a better sounding replacement for your stock exhaust, while the 3″ is ideal if you are looking at running other performance modifications such as a cold air induction. The dual 2.5″ system is perfect if you are looking to do serious engine modifications, and achieve large power gains. It also gives the best sounding exhaust note, sounding a lot deeper due to the twin pipe setup. For maximum performance, the full system including extractors should be fitted. If you already have extractors, or are just looking for improved sound, the cat-back is also a fantastic option.


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