Mitsubishi Pajero NS, NT 3.2L Automatic (with DPF, no sensors) 2006 – 2008


Complete “turbo back” Manta exhaust system – available in 3″ fully mandrel bent aluminised or stainless steel tubing, with the option of leaving out the diesel catalytic converter (intended for off-road use)

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Product Description

The Mitsubishi Pajero, powered by the 3.2L common-rail turbo diesel 4 cylinder motor, can certainly benefit from the fitment of a Manta 3″ exhaust system. Restricted by the factory exhaust system to an output of just 125kw and 358nm, a 3” exhaust improves performance in 3 distinct areas. It frees up the turbo, allowing it to spool a lot earlier, so the engine comes on boost lower down in the rev range.

The exhaust also increases overall power and torque by derestricting the entire exhaust system with its combination of free-flowing mandrel bends, and straight-through mufflers. Finally, the 3” exhaust reduces the temperature of the exhaust gasses by allowing them to flow faster, meaning the engine and turbo operate cooler, and more efficiently. The Manta exhaust keeps the overall noise levels close to the factory level with its twin-muffler setup, ensuring there is no unpleasant drone in the cabin under any conditions.

Fuel consumption is reduced, as the engine is able to operate more efficiently.

This particular variant of the Pajero is unique in the fact that it is fitted with a passive DPF, with no sensors or active regeneration which is usually the case when a DPF is fitted. This also means that the vehicle can be fitted with a full turbo-back exhaust without requiring any further reprogramming of the ECU.

After the exhaust upgrade has been fitted, the ECU can be remapped with a performance tune, which will maximise and consolidate your power, torque, and fuel economy gains. Give your Pajero the pick-me-up it needs by fitted the Manta upgrade package today!


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