Nissan Patrol GU 3.0L Turbo Diesel Ute, 2008 to 2017


Complete “turbo back” Manta exhaust system – available in 3″ fully mandrel bent aluminised or stainless steel tubing, with the option of leaving out the diesel catalytic converter (intended for off-road use)

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Product Description

A common upgrade to the 3.0L GU Patrol is the fitment of a Manta 3″ exhaust system.

The ZD30 3.0L turbo diesel motor was first released in the Patrol in 2000, replacing the old 2.8L 6 cylinder motor, and was later upgraded with a common rail fuel injection system in 2008. The power figures look good on paper – 118kw and 380nm, however in reality the power delivery is very “peaky”, with the motor having to be revved hard before the power and torque became accessible.

The primary cause of the poor power delivery, and a contributor to the high exhaust gas temperatures commonly seen in these vehicles, is the restrictive factory exhaust system which chokes the turbo – preventing the motor from operating at peak efficiency, causing heat build-up.

Replacing the factory exhaust system with the 3” Manta turbo back exhaust makes a world of difference. It allows the turbo to operate at its maximum capacity, spooling a lot earlier, thus coming onto full boost much quicker. This means the power and torque is more evenly spread throughout the rev range, making it more accessible down low.

The 3” exhaust also reduces exhaust gas temperatures dramatically, helping the engine run cooler. Whether you’re chasing an exhaust noise level close to stock, or you want it as loud as possible, we have a number of combinations available to give you the note you’re chasing.

The exhaust is a stand-alone modification that can be fitted to a completely stock vehicle. We also have the STING Power Module available, which is a plug-and-play electronic tuning device, that regulates the fuel delivery with split-second accuracy, giving you up to 30% more power and torque when combined with the Manta exhaust system.

Give your 3.0L Patrol the new lease of life it deserves by fitting the Manta exhaust system and STING Power Module upgrade today!


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