Toyota Landcruiser VDJ200 4.5L V8 Twin Turbo Diesel Wagon (with DPF) 2015 – 2021


Complete Manta Performance Exhaust system – available in dual 3″ or dual 2.5″ fully mandrel bent aluminised or stainless steel tubing, with the option of going from DPF back, or turbo back (turbo back intended for off-road use)

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Product Description

The Manta Performance Exhaust for the VDJ200 Series Landcruiser wagon replaces parts of the factory exhaust system with a free flowing, big-bore version, giving you more power and torque, more responsiveness, and a great sounding V8 note. High-flow, high efficiency catalytic converters can also be incorporated into the system without compromising performance. We have two ranges of exhausts to suit every requirement:

– Extreme Dual 3” system

The Extreme version of our exhaust for the 200 Series Landcruiser features twin 3” pipes off the turbos, through a set of high-flow catalytic converters, then into a high flow muffler, where it merges into a single 4” pipe to go over the diff. The system then goes back into a twin 3” exit (with 4″ big bore tips) out the driver & passenger side.
This setup offers the ultimate flow, due to the twin 3” pipework, and is thus ideal if you are wanting big power gains from the 4.5L V8. Not to mention the sound emerging from those pipes, it is simply out of this world!

Please note: Twin 3″ dual systems recommended to be fitted only if vehicle has a 2″ suspension lift, especially if towing.

– Touring Dual 2.5” system

The Touring version of our 200 Series exhaust system is our most popular, with a number of combinations that enable you to either keep the exhaust note close to the standard levels or perhaps get a bit of V8 burble on acceleration.
It features twin 2.5” pipes off the turbos, running through a set of high flow catalytic converters, and then into your choice of either a high-flow muffler, or just a straight pipe, where it merges into a 3” single pipe, before going over the axle, through a high-flow rear muffler which controls any drone, and finally you have the choice of either a twin 3.5” chrome, or single 4” exit.

DPF Back or Turbo Back?

The MY16 200 Series Landcruiser comes from the factory with Diesel Particulate Filters. These are an emissions device designed to control the amount of soot emitted from the exhaust system. We have two options in our exhaust range – DPF back (similar to a “cat back” system on a petrol vehicle), or turbo back (replacing the entire factory exhaust system, including the DPF’s).

The turbo back system does require a recalibration of the vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) to remove certain functions associated with the DPF system. This is intended for off-road or race use only.

Additional Information

System Type

DPF Back, DPF Delete Only (with cats, bolts to factory exhaust), DPF Delete Only (without cats, bolts to factory exhaust), Turbo Back (DPF Delete) with cats, Turbo Back (DPF Delete) without cats

Pipe Size

2.5in Dual, 2.5in Dual into 3in Single (Touring), 3in Dual into 4in Single (Extreme), 3in Dual, Exit L&R (Extreme)


Aluminised Steel, Stainless Steel

Noise Level

Loud, Medium, Medium to Loud, Quiet, Quiet to Medium


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